My little girl loves her Daddy. She loves to make Daddy happy with her slutty little pussy. I love
to fuck my little girl when she behaves and sucks my cock to my satisfaction. We were on the sofa
yesterday afternoon watching a movie when my little girl starts rubbing my crotch. I say to her,
“Daddy already gave you his cum once today. What makes you think you deserve more?” She looks up
at me and says, “I know, but I just want to rub your balls, Daddy. Can I do that?”. I look down at
her disdainfully and say, “Okay, but no sucking. Daddy thinks you’ve had enough for today and he’s
tired.” She doesn’t say anything and quickly unbuttons my jeans. Moaning, she took my balls in her
hand and started gently rubbing them. After 15 minutes of this, she started to work her fingers
around my cock, lightly running her fingertips along the shaft. She looks up at me and says,
“Daddy, your cock is so hard, please can I suck it? I’ve been such a good girl and I’ve done
everything you told me to, Daddy. I even did all the laundry and cleaned up the kitchen without
you asking! Pleeeeease, Daddy?”

My cock was so sore at this point. My baby had been such a good little girl that she really earned
all the cock that I gave her over the weekend. But, she looked at me with those big puppydog eyes
and begged so nicely that I couldn’t refuse my sweet baby. I said, “Daddy’s so proud of you for
being such a well behaved little girl. You can suck daddy’s cock.” Then she damn near ripped my
pants off and clamped her mouth around my cock like she needed it for air. I paused the movie and
laid back. My little girl honestly loves to suck my cock. She likes to hold the head of my cock in
her mouth and flick her tongue on the ridge underneath the head, occasionally taking my whole cock
down her throat and bobbing up and down. It’s always a challenge for me to keep from cumming in
her mouth because of the way she looks at me when she’s blowing me. She gets this depraved look in
her eyes, and moans as if I was touching her pussy. I say to her, “Do you like Daddy’s thick cock
in your mouth?”, she replies with these slutty acceptance moans. I say, “Daddy’s cock is always so
hard for his little girl. Show Daddy how much you appreciate his cock.” She reaches down and
sticks her fingers in her pussy, then brings them up to my face. Her hand is covered in sticky
wetness, which I then sniff and lick clean. Then I say, “Good girl, Daddy can taste how much you
appreciate his cock. Only the best cocksluts can get as wet as you do, little girl.”

Then she gets down lower and starts licking and sucking my balls. I smile at her and say, “You’re
Daddy’s special little girl, and he loves you very much.” She looks up at me and says, “I love you
so much, Daddy. Thank you for teaching me how to suck your cock, I like to make my Daddy feel
good.” Boy, does she ever. Her blowjob skills are top rate, and she really gets off on stroking my
cock across her face while she licks and plays with my balls. After 20 minutes she looks up at me
and yells, “Please fuck me Daddy!” I give her a scornful look and say “No. Daddy will fuck you if
and when he’s ready. Stop sucking my cock. Now.” She stops and whines, “Aaaaw, but Daddy…”. This
annoyed me a little so I said, “Stop being a brat, and don’t whine. Daddy said no and that’s
final. If you keep whining, I won’t fuck you tomorrow either.”

That stopped her in her tracks. She looked at me sheepishly and said, “I’m sorry, Daddy. I got
carried away. I just want to make you feel good.” I said, “I know baby, but you’re already making
me feel good with your mouth.” She replied, “But I want to make you feel good with my pussy, too.”
I said, “Did I ask for your pussy?” She looked down and said no. I said, “Did I tell you to beg
for Daddy’s cock?” Still looking down, she said no again. I said, “If I allow you to suck my cock,
don’t offer me your pussy. If I want your pussy, I’ll ask for it. Do you understand?” She
sheepishly nodded, my erect dick bouncing off of her nose. I said, “Good. Daddy will tell you what
to do next.” She nodded in acceptance. Then I picked up a magazine off the coffee table and read a
couple of articles while we sat in silence for ten minutes or so. She quietly waited beneath me,
eyes fixed on my thick cock in her face, legs crossed, hands on her knees. Every now and then her
eyes would dart up to mine, waiting for my next command. I caught her licking her lips once, but
she never said a word.

Then I put magazine down and started stroking my cock in her face. She didn’t move or say
anything, she just sheepishly looked up at me while I pleasured myself. I said to her, “What did
you learn?” She answered as if she was called on in class, and proudly recited, “Don’t try to fuck
Daddy if he wants a blowjob, and don’t beg for Daddy’s cock without permission.” I said, “And what
happens if you break these rules?” She replied, “Then Daddy won’t fuck me.” I smiled and said,
“That’s my girl. Daddy is very happy with your answers. Open your mouth.” With a beaming smile,
she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. I continued jacking it in her face and then slid my
cock over her tongue into her mouth. She moaned in relief as she wrapped her lips around my shaft
and resumed her duties.

After another 20 minutes or so I asked her, “Is my little girl’s pussy still wet?” She stopped for
a second and said, “Yes Daddy, I always get wet when you let me suck your cock.” I smiled and
said, “Daddy loves you very much, little girl. You really know how to suck Daddy’s cock and he’s
very proud of you. You make Daddy’s cock feel good with your mouth. Now I want you to get on all
fours and stick your ass in the air.”

She knew what was coming, so she took her pants off and got onto the floor. I knelt behind her and
leaned forward to whisper in her ear while I rubbed my extremely hard cockhead up and down against
the opening of her pussy. I whispered, “Do you think you’ve been a good girl?” She replied, “Yes,
Daddy.” I said, “Do you think you sucked Daddy’s cock enough?” She replied, “No, Daddy. I’ll suck
your cock as much as you want me to.” I said, “Good. Now beg for Daddy’s cock.”

She began pleading for my cock, telling me how much she loved to cum with Daddy’s cock inside her.
She said, “I’ll do anything for you, Daddy. Please give me your cock! Please fuck me, I need it so
bad. I’m a slut for your cock, Daddy, I need to get fucked now. Please fuck me, Daddy? Nobody
fucks me like you do, Daddy. Please stick your cock in me? Please fuck me with your big Daddy
cock? My pussy is so wet for you Daddy, please stick it in…” She went on like this for a few
minutes while I rubbed it against her pussy.

When I was satisfied that she’d begged enough, I shoved it in her balls-deep. I said “Good girl,
you make Daddy very happy when you beg for his cock like a slut. Are you a slut, little girl?” She
said, “Yes Daddy, you made me your slut. I’m so happy to be your fucktoy, Daddy.” I said, “Good
girl, your wet pussy makes Daddy feel like cumming. Beg for Daddy’s cum, tell Daddy how badly you
need his cum and maybe he’ll give it to you.”

She started with “Daddy, I need it so bad! Daddy, please cum inside me? Please, can I have your
cum Daddy? I need your cum Daddy, will you give it to me? It makes me feel so good to have Daddy
cum inside me. Daddy, pleeeease? Please, I want it so bad!” I started to fuck her really hard and
felt the cum rise in my balls. I knew I couldn’t hold it much longer, so I said “Good girl, you
beg for Daddy’s cum like a real whore. You’re such a dirty slut, little girl. Daddy is very proud
of you.”

She said, “Cum for me, Daddy! Please Daddy, will you fill me with your cum?” I was right on the
brink at this point so I said, “Daddy’s so proud of his little girl! You always make Daddy cum so
good when you beg like a slut. Here it comes, baby. Daddy’s going to fill your little pussy.” My
cock twitched and I started shooting. She felt it and started screaming, “Yes, Daddy! Oh, I love
you, Daddy! Thank you Daddy, thank you so much! I love your cum, Daddy, thank you! Oooh, give me
your cum, fill me up!”

I completely emptied my balls in her wet pussy and slowed down as my orgasm subsided. My cock
wasn’t quite limp yet, but it felt like I was still shooting a small amount. I said to her, “I’m
so proud of you, little girl! Daddy loves you so much that he filled you full of cum. Daddy will
always give his baby what she needs. Is my baby happy?” She looked back at me and said “I’m so
happy you came for me, Daddy. I love feeling you cum in my pussy. Was I a good girl this time?” I
said, “Yes, you were a very good girl. Can you feel Daddy’s cum drip out of your pussy now?” She
replied, “Yes Daddy, I love it.” I said, “Good girl. Now go clean up and we’ll finish watching the
movie.” She bounced up to her feet and said, “Okay! But can you order Chinese food so we don’t
have to go out again? I just want to stay in and fuck.”

That’s my girl.

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